Earth TopoGlobe, Standard™

Earth TopoGlobe, Standard™

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The Planet Earth TopoGlobe™ products adds another dimension to Earth science instruction and learning. The large 18" or colossal 30" diameter format globe features dramatic topographic imagery of the Earth for striking representation of the landmass, and bathymetric (i.e., sea floor) data in ocean basins. This real-world elevation data is enhanced with graphic data of rivers, hydrology and coastlines. This real world data, together with a dry-erase surface, enables customizable and recurring dynamic Earth instruction.

Ideal for geology instruction, the Planet Earth TopoGlobe™, Geology and Standard, display topography and bathymetry in striking detail.
  • Earth TopoGlobe, Geology™ features enhanced bathymetry using Scripps Institution of Oceanography and NASA color schemes.
  • Earth TopoGlobe, Standard™ features enhanced GEBCO bathymetry using blue ocean color schemes.
  • Both Geology and Standard Earth TopoGlobes™ feature land topography enhanced using USGS color schemes.
  • Planet Earth TopoGlobe™ products provide 3-Dimensional information for macro and structural geology, plate tectonics and Earth science.

Planet Earth TopoGlobe™ features:
Real world mapsheets
Dry/wet erase
Real world topographic data
Bathymetry data
Enhanced coastlines, hydrology and topography
Rotates on 23.5 degree axis and map stand (optional)
Protective surface
Light weight

Planet Earth TopoGlobe™ kit contains:
High density foam wedges comprising the sphere
Topographic map sheets
Ring Stand
Calibration stickers
Adhesive strips
Detailed assembly instructions booklet
Quick Assembly Guide
Dry-erase marker

Spatial and visual learning systems support lessons in various topics:
Dynamic Earth Processes
Energy in the Earth System
Climate, Weather and Ocean currents
Environmental Studies 
Meridians and Parallels
Map Projections & Coordinate Systems Principles of Photogrammetry and Mapping
Spherical geometry and trigonometry
Physical Geography
Cultural Geography
Political Science

Article: Teaching Seismic Methods Using Interactive 3-D Earth Globe

RMC, GEBCO, NGA, NOAA, USN, Scripps Institute of Oceanography (SIO)

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