Galilean Moon Ganymede Globe™

Galilean Moon Ganymede Globe™

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Explore the largest moon in the solar system, Ganymede, covered by a thick crust of ice. The color imagery from the Galileo satellite was combined with the imagery from Voyager 1 and 2 to create the spectacular image mosaic in striking detail. This icy world exhibits dark areas pock marked with meteor craters indicating they are billions of years old, while the light areas devoid of craters indicate eruptions of water covering the surface before freezing over indicating newly formed ice. Notable physiographic features are labeled, along with a latitude and longitude grid.

Real World Galilean Moon Ganymede globes are available pre assembled or build it yourself assembly kits. Everything needed to assemble your globe of Ganymede is provided, including the sphere, adhesive mapsheets, globe calibration stickers, ring stand and assembly instructions on DVD.

Real World Galilean Moon Ganymede™ features:
Real world color satellite imagery data adhesive map sheets
Dry erase matte or luster surface
15 degree latitude and longitude graticule
Place name labels
Ring stand enables easy viewing of entire globe
Protective surface
Light weight

Real World Galilean Moon Ganymede™ kit contains:
High density foam wedges comprising the sphere
Color satellite imagery mapsheets for sphere
Ring Stand
Calibration stickers for your globe
Adhesive strips
Detailed assembly instructions booklet
Quick Assembly Guide
Dry-erase marker(s) 

Spatial and visual learning systems support lessons addressing:
Dynamic Physical Processes
Energy in the Ganymede System
Meridians and Parallels
Map Projections & Coordinate Systems
Principles of Photogrammetry and Mapping
Spherical geometry and trigonometry
Physical Geography

Learning Resources
Solar System Exploration: Jupiter Moon - Ganymede - NASA
JUICE: JUpiter ICy moons Explorer - European Space Agency
The Outer Planets: The Galilean Moons of Jupiter - LASP University of Colorado
Galilean Moons - Universe Today | November 15, 2009
Worksheet Ganymede - by Michael Carroll


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