Geological Globe of the World™

Geological Globe of the World™

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The Geological Globe of the World is impressive and unique in several respects.

Geological Globe of the World features:
Rich geological information content of Planet Earth
Compiled from geological maps of hundreds of countries, national and international organizations
The most comprehensive and undistorted view of Earth's global geology - ever!
Experience for the first time an accurate depiction of the geological features of the world without map projection distortions.  Both the size and shape of geological features are accurately represented
Globes available in 3 sizes, large (18-inch diameter), Colossal (30 inch diameter) and small (10 inch diameter)
Provided as a build-it-yourself kit, or assembled
Dry erase and wet erase surface
Protective surface
Light weight

Geological Globe of the Worldââ€Å¾Ã‚¢ kit contains:
High density foam wedges comprising the sphere
World geology map sheets, Dry erase
Ring Stand for displaying your globe
Calibration stickers
Adhesive strips
Detailed assembly instructions booklet
Quick Assembly Guide
Dry-erase marker

Spatial and visual learning systems support lessons addressing:
Dynamic Earth Processes
Energy in the Earth System
Map Projections & Coordinate Systems
Principles of Photogrammetry and Mapping
Spherical geometry and trigonometry
Physical Geography

Explanatory Notes for Geological Map of the World
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