Mother Earth Globe™

Mother Earth Globe™

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The Real World Mother Earth Globe™ is impressive and unique in several respects.

The large 18-inch diameter globe features actual satellite imagery of the Earth for realistic representation of the landmass, as well as bathymetric (i.e., sea floor) data in ocean basins. Satellite imagery is enhanced with rivers and hydrology, coastlines, and country boundaries as thin graphics, so as not to distract the eye and study of continuous physiographic information of the earth.
This real-world data, together with a dry erase surface, supports customizable and recurring dynamic Earth instruction. 

The Real World Mother Earth Globe™ is provided as a build it yourself assembly kit or pre-assembled. The assembly kit contains everything needed to construct the globe. The Mother Earth Globe™ is typically constructed in a few hours by a first timer. However, it is recommended that the time to assemble the globe be extended to explore many valuable lessons along the way.

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