Planet Mars TopoGlobe™

Planet Mars TopoGlobe™

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See the planet of Mars unfold before your eyes as it truly exists! Spectacular topography, color coded by elevation, reveals the planet Mars in all its Real World glory. Based on MOLA1 satellite data, examine the geography, geology and physiography of Mars as it actually exists. Wonder if there was water on Mars? See dramatic evidence of drainage channels and basins, fluvial and wind erosion, impact craters, and its volcanic history exposed for your amazement and exploration.

Real World Planet Mars TopoGlobes are available pre assembled or build it yourself assembly kits. Everything needed to assemble your globe of Planet Mars is provided, including the sphere, adhesive mapsheets, globe calibration stickers, ring stand and assembly instructions on DVD.

Real World Planet Mars TopoGlobe™ features:
Real world mapsheets
Dry/wet erase
Real world color-coded satellite elevation data 
5 degree latitude and longitude graticule
  • Place name labels
  • Ring stand enables easy viewing of entire globe
Protective surface
Light weight

Real World Planet Mars TopoGlobe™ kit contains:

High density foam wedges comprising the sphere
Color coded satellite elevation map sheets for sphere
Ring Stand
Calibration stickers
Adhesive strips
Detailed assembly instructions DVD
Quick Assembly Guide
Dry-erase marker

Spatial and visual learning systems support lessons addressing:
Dynamic Erosion Processes
Energy in the Mars System
Climate and Weather
Meridians and Parallels
Map Projections & Coordinate Systems
Principles of Photogrammetry and Mapping
Spherical geometry and trigonometry
Physical Geography

Article: The Global Topography of Mars and implications for Surface Evolution
Article: Possible Ancient Oceans on Mars: Evidence from Mars Orbiter Laser Altimeter Data
Article: Ancient Geodynamics and Global-Scale Hydrology on Mars


MOLA – Mars Orbital Laser Altimeter

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