Real World Globes
Figure 1
18" Earth Topo Globe Standard ™

Easy-to-use dry and wet erase Real World Globes' globes, accessories, and kits add another dimension to geographic and spatial learning. Real World Globes uses real data to accurately represent the physiography and geology of Earth and other planets and promote kinesthetic activities for enhanced student understanding and comprehension.

Figure 2
18" Geological Globe of the World ™
Spatial reasoning and 3-dimensional visualization comprise a significant portion of all geoscience disciplines. Representing spatial relationships of a 3-dimensional and spherical planet is challenging using traditional 2-dimensional maps and images, and often ineffective.

Figure 3
18" Seafloor Magnetic Anomaly Globe ™

(Lesson plan and Accessories Kit available )

Figure 4
Earth Interior Workboard

Figure 5
Unified Geologic Globe of Earth's Moon

Figure 6
Geologic Globe with magnetic assembly option, Earth Interior Workboard, and Schmidt Net Workboards