Activity 1: Observe & Interpret Using the 3D Globe
Activity: Students are prompted with a series of questions to make observations about the global earthquake data set on their 3D globe, then asked to use their observations to interpret what the data mean and develop hypotheses based on their interpretations.

Figure 7. Topo Globe Standard™ with seismicity overlays applied to Northen Hemisphere.
Assembly is easy:
Figure 8. Transparent vinyl and self-adhesive seismicity overlays available. Overlay sections can be placed directly on globe or on clear plastic domes.
Figure 9. Northern Hemisphere of Topo Globe StandardTM with one vinyl section applied.
Figure 10. Close-up of earthquake epicenters overlain on globe from Figure 9.
Figure 11. Adding more sections to the globe. Clear plastic dome in background.
Figure 12. Students can use dry and wet erase markers directly on the vinyl.

Further assembly instructions can be found here: Assembling globe and applying overlays