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Math & Science: Exploring the Ancient World of Pangaea
Math & Science: Exploring Deep-Ocean Water Masses
Math & Science: Investigating Surface Currents Around the Globe

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Real World Globes Lesson Booklet


Exploring the Ancient World of Pangaea
Exploring the Ancient World of Pangaea Answer Key

Seismology & Structural Geology Lesson Activities from Cal State University Northridge

Lab: Daily Earthquakes and Interior Earth Structure
Lab: Fault Planes and Focal Mechanisms
Lab: Euler Poles

Oceanography Lesson Activities from Old Dominion University

Thermohaline & Surface Circulation

Planet Mars TopoGlobe

The Global Topography of Mars and Implications for Surface Evolution
Possible Ancient Oceans on Mars
Ancient Geodynamics and Global-Scale Hydrology on Mars

Mars Albedo

Hubble Captures A Full Rotation of Mars
Mars Albedo Map by Hernandez and Troiani

Canals of Mars

Newspaper article from 1964, "Life Beyond Our Planet"


Interactive 3D Globe by Weeraratne, D. S.
Activity One: Radiocarbon by Ryan H. Glaubke
Activity One: Radiocarbon Answer Key

Planet Venus

Resources for learning about the geology of Venus
Selected Readings in Venus Geology and Geophysics by Susan B. Yewell, 1993

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The scientific task is to explain with a strong visual impact the relationships between the ancient supercontinent called Pangaea.

Structural Geology

Real World Globes can be used to study of the three-dimensional distribution of rock units with respect to their deformational histories.

Real World Globe Overlays

When used with Real World Globes' Spherical Ruler, these overlays can help enhance the educational experience in the classroom.